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"Barlow Sheet Metal continue to provide us with good quality products at a competitive price."

Customer Appraisals (scroll down)

    Listed below are genuine appraisals on our services from some of our valued customers. Although some names have been excluded for privacy reasons, these are all available upon request.

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    Customer Appraisals 2016

  • Another successful year in partnership with Barlow Sheet Metal. Quality, delivery, efficiency, support and communication were top class, as always. Overall, Barlow consistently performed between 99.5% and 99.8% for quality and on time delivery. The reaction of all staff members to urgent/immediate enquiries/needs was first class, calling on all resources to help minimise any potential production issue. – October 2016

  • Barlow Sheet Metal offer an exemplary service from quotation to delivery. Over the past 6 years we have placed over 1000 orders with Barlow and due to their high attention to detail and quality of fabrications we are very happy with them. As a customer we are regularly pushing our suppliers in terms of pricing and delivery and Barlow are able to perform on both while providing excellent level of support along the way. – October 2016

  • A good reliable and competitive supplier with attention to detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barlow Sheet Metal as a supplier. – October 2016

  • Barlow's continues to be a good strategic partner, with excellent pre and post order technical and commercial support. A willingness to provide multi-level involvement on both an indirect and direct basis to our own customer base is invaluable. Integrity and reliability is paramount in such relationships and, despite the inevitable hiccup in attempting to achieve full end-customer satisfaction, we can be assured that Barlow's will do everything possible to help regain customer confidence. – October 2016

  • I find Barlow's to provide and excellent service. – October 2016

  • Barlow Sheet Metal remain a supplier of choice with competitive cost and delivery, they are readily available for DFM activities either requested or offered by themselves. – October2016

  • Another good year, on the whole. One or two quality issues were resolved quickly – October 2016

  • As always, Barlow are a well-supported supplier. – October 2016

  • We have been a customer of Barlow Sheet Metal for approximately 25 years and have used them as our sole metalwork suppliers. In that time we have gone from originating our own metalwork drawings to using Barlow from product concept, to finished metalwork. Their CAD department have been extremely professional and friendly in getting exactly what we require, including making the metalwork as efficiently as possible whilst making certain items as lightweight and strong as possible; especially when some of these products are for lighting rental companies in the film industry which experience very rough handling from time to time! All aspects of our metal work requirements be it initial design, choice of materials or finishes are very easy to discuss with members of Barlow excellent staff. Prototypes are produced very efficiently once a 3D CAD drawing has been approved and then seamlessly onto production quantities. Rejects are virtually zero. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barlow Sheet Metal to any potential customers. – October 16

  • I've said it before, if they weren't good we wouldn't use them. – October 2016

  • We continue to have an excellent working relationship with Barlow sheet metal and my contact is conscious of the exacting needs of our customers and will go the extra mile to make sure that delivery is met. – October 2016

  • I am very pleased with the service I get from Barlow's. Communication is good. Quality is good and staff are very helpful. Thank you. – October 2016

  • It has consistently been a really easy process to modify / redesign our products with the team at Barlow's. Deliveries have always been on time and quality excellent. – October 2016

  • This past year has been another year of 1st class service, from quotation to delivery to quality. Well done. – October 2016

  • Customer Appraisals 2015

  • Another excellent performance during 2015 from all departments. A superb working collaboration. – October 2015

  • In my time dealing with Barlow Sheet Metal I can say that I have been very happy with the responses I have had and feel that everyone takes pride in their work and acts professionally. There have been times when Barlow Sheet Metal have not been able to meet previously agreed deadlines but the communication is always quick and they endeavour to do the best they can to get the parts to us as soon as possible. If we have had issues here after delivery receipt Barlow Sheet Metal respond quickly to resolving them. – October 2015

  • Impeccable service that is very difficult to fault. We're able to regard BSM as an extension of our own operation with good transparency and almost seamless progression from concept through to delivery. Technical support is first class and to a standard that allows us to permit independent direct interface with our end customers with complete confidence. Response times are excellent with promises consistently met. BSM is a very highly valued supply chain partner. – October 2015

  • Barlow's are very responsive to our ever changing requirements. Communications is very good, I can always depend on someone getting back to me with an answer, which is something I rely upon. I wish I have more suppliers like Barlow's. – October 2015

  • Good all round supplier. – October 2015

  • Our Barlow representative is always working hard to improve the service and communicates well. Barlow has been Instrumental in our company winning some recent business. – October 2015

  • Barlow continue to maintain very high standards of quality and also prove highly competitive in cost. Overall with a good delivery profile this maintains their status as a key supplier to our company. – October 2015

  • Pleased with Barlow's continued approach supporting our account.- October 2015

  • Barlow are an excellent supplier. They are able to accommodate our sometimes unrealistic demands due to the nature of our business and also react quickly to up-issues to support our sales orders. They are extremely proactive with design suggestions and offering cost cutting solutions or alternative fittings to help save money if items have been over engineered. We have an excellent working relationship with Barlow Sheet Metal. – October 2015

  • Great customer service, very helpful assistance with design and suggestions for production, on time and good quality deliveries. – October 2015

  • Feedback from the team is that you're a very helpful supplier, keep up the good work. – October 2015

  • Barlow are my preferred sheet metalwork supplier. Prices are always competitive, especially on volume. The quality is always very good. Delivery is rarely past the due date, and if there is a delay we are notified in advance. Overall, Barlow Sheet Metal are an excellent supplier. – October 2015

  • Very satisfied with the overall level of performance with Barlow Sheet Metal. – October 2015

  • Good Quality, good communication, helpful and friendly. - October 2015

  • Overall service is generally excellent, a Supplier we can trust to deliver a quality product at the right time. - October 2015

    Customer Appraisals 2014

  • From a purchasing perspective: The day to day level of customer service and communication received from all parties at Barlow is superb.  Enquiries are always dealt with in a timely and professional manner. On the odd occasion when a crisis/emergency strikes this service ramps up to an exceptional level, demonstrated earlier this year when our carousel broke down and we were in urgent need of replacement stock.  Representatives from each department provided seamless support, far exceeding our expectation.  Having discussed this questionnaire with colleagues, in order to give fair and true feedback, I am delighted to confirm the overall opinion reflects my earlier comments -  Oct 14.

  • Overall service with Barlow Sheet Metal is excellent - Oct 14.  

  • As always a pleasure doing business with Barlow Sheet Metal – Oct 14.

  • Barlow Sheet Metal and become our preferred source of supply against all of our customers products not just for one of our customers.(First introduced through one customer) – Oct 14.

  • Delivery performance is outstanding as I always receive my orders on time, I only get the occasional item that is going to be late but I’m always informed to make sure this is okay. – Oct 14.

  • Can't fault Barlow's, Martin helps us out with whatever we need and that is why we have put more work your way in the last year – Oct 14.

  • Barlow have been very flexible and helpful over the past few months when we were dealing with a significant increase in order quantity. Quality has remained consistently good regardless of increased volume. – Oct 14.

  • BSM have maintained a position as a 'preferred' supplier to BAE in the sheet metal category over the last 10 years – Oct 14.

  • Always received prompt support when required - keep up the good work – Oct 14.

  • A good all round supplier and very supportive to our requests – Oct 14.

  • Highly recommended - good quality, good communication, helpful & friendly – Oct 14.

  • Very happy with our relationship with all the team at Barlow’s, always ready to recommend them to others – Oct 14

  • We consider Barlow's to be one of our top approved suppliers, having increased the number of new product lines over the past 12 months – Oct 14.

  • I would highly recommend Barlow Sheet Metal as a sub-contractor. From my perspective as a New Product purchaser they have frequently fulfilled my extremely ambitious delivery demands and are excellent communicators regarding status and feedback on possible design improvements. They are a very professional company who take pride in their work – Oct 14.

  • I have always found Barlow's staff extremely helpful. I often have short turn around metal work requests Martin Perry gives me realistic timescales and keeps me informed of progress. This is exactly what I want. I am very pleased with the service and communication I get. Quality problems are minimal and sorted out without fuss.  I will continue to use Barlow’s for years to come – Oct 14.
  • I am very pleased to have Barlow Sheet Metal as one of my main sheet metal suppliers.  Their prices are competitive and I know that once a delivery date has been given it will be maintained and the quality of the product being delivered will be 1st class.  All the Barlow staff that I come into contact with are both friendly and knowledgeable.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Barlow Sheet Metal to someone else – Oct 14.

    BSM Customer Appraisals Nov 2013

  • Our Company has a spend of between 200k - 250k on metal work and BSM are very fastly becoming our number 1 in sheet metal fabrication.  Price, on time delivery and quality of work received is very good.  I would say that the company offers higher than just a normal standard service.  Nov 2013

  • The service we receive from Barlow Sheet Metal  is very good. Any problems that do arise are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Nov 2013

    We are very happy with Barlow as a supplier. For planned volume orders they are very competitive and efficient.  Nov 2013

  • 9 times out of 10 Barlow Sheet Metal deliver on the exact acknowledged delivery date.  The quality of the finished parts is always 1st class.  All Barlow employees that I come in contact with always come across as very friendly and knowledgeable.   Our Accounts Department always say that Barlow Sheet Metal's invoicing is always very accurate and gets actioned with no queries.  If all my Suppliers were as good as Barlow Sheet Metal, my job would be made a lot, lot easier.  Nov 2013

  • Very happy with the service from Barlow’s and our main contact Martin Perry.  Nov 2013

  • We have always been happy with the quality and accuracy of the work supplied from BSM and would have no hesitation recommending them to others. Additionally BSM have helped us, and continue to help us, with the design of various sheet metal structures that we would have otherwise given us major difficulty. Always friendly and helpful.  Nov 2013

  • In general dealing with Barlow Sheet Metals has been very positive for our Company and if asked I would recommend them to others.  Nov 2013

  • Barlow's Staff have always been very helpful and honest. Our relationship with them is very important to our business needs. Nov 2013

  • Barlow Sheet Metal are our sole supplier of Sheet Metal and have been for in the region of 20 years. Their staff are always professional and friendly. Recently they have helped us from concept to finished product of a light fixture for the film industry this needed to be light weight and robust. BSM's expertise and attention to the entire project was first class. We have now sold towards 1000 units, none of this would have been possible without putting our two companies specialist expertise together.  Nov 2013

  • We would like to thank the staff at Barlow Sheet Metal for all their support and assistance.  It is a pleasure to do business with you.  Nov 13
  • BSM Customer Appraisals Nov 2012

  • Another good year of trading with Barlow Sheet Metal, they continue to support us extremely well at the design stage of products and even more so when we are looking for prototypes on very short lead-times. All in all the fit between the two company's is excellent, I look forward to dealing with Barlow's during 2013…..Nov 12

  • The overall performance during last year has been very good , please carry on with it !!! …Nov 12

  • Overall Barlow's are a great supplier to us … Nov 12

  • Please find attached completed survey. Couldn't find a point to mark you down on . (140 out of possible 140) … Nov 12

  • Excellent Supplier … Nov 12

  • Barlow is our Primary Sheet Metal Supplier for all our Electro- Mechanical work. We have no issues with quality, delivery or price. The overall service is excellent and we are satisfied with their performance… Nov 12

  • A good quality product at a good price with helpful staff … Nov 12

  • Barlow Sheet Metal maintain a preferred supplier status within our business … Nov 12

  • Our top supplier year on year, very pleased with all communications and paperwork … Nov 12

  • It's been a good year , quality wise , the scheduled orders have run to plan … Nov 12

  • Good service as usual and a valued supplier … Nov 12

  • We are very pleased with the standard of work we receive and any problems that do arise are dealt with efficiently … Nov 12

  • Barlow are a very professional company and are always ready to help with new designs. Changes and quick turnarounds are achieved without causing quality issues. Staff are always friendly and helpful ... Nov 12

  • We have been dealing with Barlow Sheet Metal for several years now and in that time have built up a close working relationship. Their helpfulness in new design and cost cutting have been second to none. The quality of their work is excellent and should a problem occur it is delt with immediately to the customer's satisfaction. The staff are always helpful and professional. Long may our relationship continue… Nov 12

  • Our contacts at Barlow are very helpful with our urgent demands. Barlow are good at holding Kan Ban stock so we can pull delivery forward at any time … Nov 12
  • BSM Customer Appraisals 2011

  • We love Barlow ! …Oct 11

  • Overall the Quality and Service is Excellent. …Oct 11

  • Overall very satisfied with Barlow as a supplier , I believe we have a good relationship which helps when we require more demanding tasks from you. …Oct 11

  • One of our top suppliers. …Oct 11

  • Highly Recommended - good quality, good communication , helpful and friendly staff .Would try to move mountains when required to do so. …Oct 11

  • Barlow's is one of our top suppliers who meet all our criteria. …Oct 11

  • They understand the importance of delivering right first time , on time. …Oct 11

  • Excellent service and support overall –Grade A Supplier. …Oct 11

  • I'm very happy with the service you provide , long may it continue in 2012. …Oct 11
  • BSM Customer Appraisals 2010

  • Very happy with all areas of service from Barlow who we consider our first choice for metal requirements…03.11.10

  • Excellent service offered on call off orders…03.11.10 

  • Quality products at a reasonable price, very helpful & friendly staff, excellent communication and service, are willing to push the boat out when required to do so - (have got us out of a few scrapes). Would recommend to anyone.  Life would be so much easier if all companies were as good as Barlow’s!....03.11.10

  • Overall Barlow’s are a very supportive supplier and they adapt excellently to our needs, which makes them one of our top vendors…03.11.10 

  • Very happy with Barlow as a supplier.. 03.11.10

  • As always, very good and reliable services… 03.11.10  

  • I have always found Barlow’s to be friendly, accommodating with exceptional quality of product. On the odd occasion where we have found we have required something urgently, they have made every effort to help and turn the items round quickly without compromising on the quality. I feel we have an exceptional Supplier / Customer relationship and intend to continue with them for many years … 03.11.10    

  • I always find dealing with Barlow's a pleasure. Nothing seems to be to much problem. Barlow's is the type of company you would feel happy to recommend…03.11.10 

  • An excellent "A" rated supplier to our Company…03.11.10

  • The day to day contact with Steve Barlow is extremely good, I'm very impressed with the level of input he has on our new designs. Due to this I haven't really felt the need to benchmark his pricing elsewhere..04.11.10. 

  • We are very pleased with Barlow performance at all levels. Scoring 9 out of 10 means that we need to continuous working together to improve relationship and work..04.11.10     

    BSM Customer Appraisals 2009

  • All staff are helpful, knowledgeable and very keen to assist, even if it is not within their remit. My sales contact Martin Perry is very accommodating and always available  and  happy to help, straightforward quoting, ordering and acknowledging makes dealing with Barlow a pleasure… 10.11.09     

  • Barlow Sheet Metal has been a supplier to BAE Systems in its many guises for many years and their ability to service our needs has kept them as a preferred supplier. They have recently, through competition, been down selected to one of 3 preferred Fabrication suppliers and continue to perform… 06.11.09     

  • Martin always phones me to iron out any grey areas or problems so we are both clear on what we want. Any paint specs or tooling charges are discussed before order is placed. If delivery date is changed I am informed. Martin is a key contact and we have a good working relationship…. 04.11.09     

  • Barlow Sheet Metal continues to provide us with good quality products at a competitive price for the local market. Their response to sudden changes in our requirements is excellent. Costings are always an important issue and where quoted prices are a bit more than expected, they are always willing to work to meet the required prices. Would recommend this company…  04.11.09     

  • An excellent "A" rated supplier to our Company.. 04.11.09     

  • Barlow Sheet Metal are a supplier we trust to always do their best and give a valuable service to us on a continuous basis….  03.11.09     

  • I found that my dealings with Barlow Sheet Metal was pleasant and easy and I received a professional service, I would definitely do business with them again… 08.11.09     

  • I consider Barlow Sheet Metal now to be my number 1 supplier accurate, flexible & very professional. I have price checked them twice in the last 12 months with a repeat regular product - they are still very competitive…. 04.11.09     

  • Excellent standard of work, always delivered when promised. Great service on call off and kanban goods…  04.11.09     

    BSM Customer Appraisals 2008

  • Barlow Sheet Metal is an extremely pro-active supplier with a excellent focus on Customer service and satisfaction. In my day to day dealings with this supplier I find then to be an extremely Quality orientated Vendor. I have in the past and would have no hesitation in the future recommending this supplier to colleagues within the Industry…  08.07.08     

  • Barlow Sheet Metal are in our top ten supplier list and are well known throughout our Company as a all round good supplier…03.07.08     

  • Although there is always room for improvement from ANY of my suppliers, I am happy to cite that Barlow Sheet Metal is a supplier that has little to improve upon. If all of my suppliers were as professional, responsive and committed to providing goods and services as efficiently as BSM then my job would be a lot easier. They are a first class company delivering first class quality on time. The skill set they display as a team is commendable in every respect. I have found BSM to be on the forefront of their technical ability and continually strive for perfection and a service level of undisputed excellence. I have rarely issued such a positive statement in my last 20 years of procurement. It is always a pleasure to deal with a company that goes so far out of their way to understand their customer’s needs from design, through prototype and to final production stages. I have absolutely nothing adverse to comment about them whatsoever. They clearly deserve every accreditation due to them as they consistently meet the urgent and often unrealistic demands for excellence we place upon them. Well done BSM, keep up the good work… 03.07.08     

  • Very hard to find fault with Barlow Sheet Metal who are always a very pro-active supplier. Service is excellent which is apparent through any member of staff that we deal with. Top grade supplier in all aspects of their business… 03.07.08     
  • BSM Customer Appraisals 2007

  • Barlow Sheet Metal is one of three primary sheet metalwork suppliers in our supply chain and I can say with total sincerity that they are by far the best supplier in this sector that we deal with. As a supplier of this type of commodity they display an exceptional pro activity and utilization of modern supply chain methodologies more akin to suppliers within the Electronics Industry. In brief I find them both a professional and well managed facility… 04.07.07     

  • Barlow Sheet Metal is considered an integral part of our business. Our 1st choice sheet metal vendor. They have kept pace as our business has grown. The key contacts offer an excellent complete service from quote to invoice. The design input, critical to our work, is best I have used from a metalworker. Pricing is UK competitive and an open book policy is demonstrated - vital in today's cost down market place. A true partnership is in place…. 22.06.07

  • Barlow Sheet Metal are one of our top suppliers and are known throughout our Company as being an all round excellent supplier… 28.06.07     

  • Still our major metalwork supplier. There are no specific issues…….the service level is excellent overall… 22.06.07  

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