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Barlow Sheet Metal Limited is committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

Barlow Sheet Metal Ltd specialises in precision sheet metal fabrications for the electronics and electro-mechanical industry sectors, offering consistent quality since 1974, and working to full compliance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our 20,000 sq ft modern factory unit in Hampshire houses high technology plant and equipment working with Mietrak – multi user computerised production control system using barcode work flow management.
At Barlow Sheet Metal we are committed to achieving full customer satisfaction.

This will be achieved by:

  • Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and creating pro-active relationships with all existing and potential customers.    View Certificate >>>

  • Investing in and increasing the knowledge and experience of its employees.

  • Being open to new and innovative methods of manufacturing.

  • Pursuing non-conformance prevention rather than non-conformance detection.

  • All employees understanding the principles of the quality system and sharing the responsibility of producing a quality product.

  • The outcome of these commitments will lead to a policy of continual improvement of processes, controls and product conformity.

  • Continuous improvement if achieved by formal review of pre-determined and quantified business objectives that are called ‘Key Performance Indicators’

  • The progressive integration of Health & Safety and Environmental Health to the QMS.

  • The provision of appropriate resources as required in order to enable the company to meet these objectives.

Barlow Sheet Metal has recognised that in order to maintain current business levels and enhance future prospects, progress can only be served by logical, methodical and common sense process controls. Such controls shall be managed and communicated for the benefit of management, staff and customers via a documented quality management system [QMS].

It is the responsibility of management to define and implement the requirements of this QMS, together with the related documentation. All staff and people working on behalf of the company are made aware of this Policy and the aims and objectives of the Quality Management System and associated operating procedures; they are expected to adhere to its requirements and are encouraged to suggest ways in which these can be improved.



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